Health Questions and Answers

Medical Biochemistry and Physiology Lectures

Dr. Rodolfo T. Rafael’s lecture

  1. The General & Cellular Basis of Medical Physiology
  2. Functional Morphology of the Cell/ Transport Across cell Membrane
  3. Blood Physiology General Consideration (Plasma Cellular Elements of the Blood)
  4. Blood Physiology (Agglutination, Hemolysis, Hemostasis, Immunology)
  5. Immunity, Infection, & Inflammation
  6. Lipid Chemistry
  7. Control of Posture
  8. Control of Movement
  9. Pain, Itch, and Tickle Sensation
  10. Taste and Smell
  11. Auditory Function of the Ear
  12. Vestibular Functions of the Ear
  13. Vision: Functional Anatomy, Basic Principles of Optics
  14. The Eye as a Sense Organ
  15. Exercise Physiology
  16. Aviation, High Altitude, and Space Physiology
  17. Physiology of Deep-Sea Diving and other Hyperbaric Conditions
  18. Functional Anatomy, Mechanics of Respiration
  19. Exchange and Transport of Respiratory Gases, Respiratory Exchange Ratio
  20. Regulation of Respiration
  21. Abnormalities Associated with Respiration
  22. Acid Base Physiology (Respi)
  23. Functional Anatomy of the Kidneys, Glomerular Filtration
  24. Tubular Function in Urine Formation
  25. RAAS, Plasma Clearance, Inulin, PAH Clearance
  26. Filling of the Urinary Bladder, Micturition, Physiologic Basis of Some Renal Function Test
  27. Role of the Kidneys in the Regulation of Acid-Base Balance
  28. Parathyroid and Calcitonin
  29. Pancreas
  30. Adrenocortical Hormones


E-Quiz in Biochemistry

  1. Folate Deficiency in Alcoholism