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Question: What are the common causes of fulminant hepatic failure.


  • Viral hepatitides A,B,C,D,E
  • Drugs: acetaminophen, antituberculosis drugs, troglitazone, Ectasy
  • Herbal medications: Jin bu huan, comfrey
  • Toxins: Amanita phalloides, carbontetrachloride, trichloroethyleneVascular: Budd-Chiari syndrome, veno-occlusive disease, ischemia or hypoxia, heatstroke
  • Miscellaneous: malignant infiltration, Wilson’s disease, acute fatty liver of pregnancy, Reye’s syndrome

Reference: Sleisenger MH, Fordtran JS (eds): Gastrointestinal Disease: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management, 7th ed. Philadelphia, W.B. Saunders, 2003.

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