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Question: What is bulimia nervosa


The word bulimia is derived from latin and means, literally, “as hungry as an ox.” It is of interest that the pattern was described in the ancient Roman culture and it was both more common and known as “binge and purge.” The individual overeats, often to an impressive extent, and then purges the food by self-induced vomiting. The individual may alternate binges with periods of extreme dieting or fasting, the so called non-purging pattern. the binge eating is characterized by a feeling of lack of control. The victim feels he or she cannot stop eating. There is often use of emetic drugs, diuretics, and laxatives. The bulimic may resort to exercise but not in as sustained a fashion as anorectics. To establish the diagnosis the patient must engage in disordered eating activity- food binges- at least twice a week for three months.

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