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What are the advantages of laser techniques in blepharoplasty?

  1. Short-pulsed laser cuts through tissue with limited surrounding thermal damage, resulting in less scarring.
  2. It provides excellent hemostasis, which can shorten surgical time and lessen postoperative bruising and swelling. It is also quick and causes less sensory nerve stimulation.
  3. Laser blepharoplasty addresses several of the major signs of periorbital aging that are not improved by blepharoplasty alone, including the following: (1) wrinkling of the infrabrow, (2) crow’s feet wrinkles, (3) malar bags and wrinkles, (4) changes in the periorbital skin texture, (5) pigment spots and other actinic damage, (6) elongation of the apparent vertical height of the lower lid, and (7) loss of the gentle, indistinct transition between the lower lid and cheek skin.
  4. The results are of a high quality and are long lasting, with a low rate of complications and a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Biesman BS: Lasers play a useful role in periorbital incisional surgery. Derm Surg 26:883-886, 2000.

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