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Question: What are the current recommendations for screening for breast cancer?


There are currently several sets of recommendations from the various specialty organizations whose members are engaged in breast cancer screening

AGE > 50 AGE < 50
Organization Mammogram Breast Exam Mammogram Breast Exam
ACS Annual Annual Age 40-49, annual Age 20-39, every 3 yr

Age 40-49, annual

NCI Annual With every peri- odic physical Starting at age 40, every 1-2 years* With every periodic physical
ACOG As determined by woman’s doctor Age 35-50, base- line* Age 35-50, exams recommended
ACR Annual Annual Age 40-49, annual
ACP Age 50-59, on “routine” basis Not recommended
Age > 60, as determined by doctor and patient
USPSTF Age 50-69, annual Age 50-69, annual Not recommended Age 40-49, annual

* Mammography recommended more frequently for women with
high risk factors.

ACS = American Cancer Society, NCI = National Cancer
Institute, ACOG = American College of Obstetricians and

Gynecologists, ACR = American College of Radiology, ACP =
American College of Physicians, USPSTF = U.S.

Preventive Services Task Force.

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